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With over 10 years of dedicated experience in creating contemporary strategies and tactics while harnessing the power of interactive communication tools, PharmaComm is a leader in app creation, e-Detailing, and e-based market research.

{but don’t just take our word for it}

“It has been a great experience to work with PharmaComm on our launch. The team exceeded my high expectations for the projects. PharmaComm demonstrated a thorough knowledge of our product and our marketplace, and were able to offer creative suggestions that enhanced our end result.

PharmaComm always acted in the most professional manner. I was impressed with how they were able to assimilate our directions, work independently and produce a superior product in a timely manner. They made my job much easier. I have no hesitation in recommending PharmaComm for launching brands.”

Kari Sims, Marketing Director, Janssen Inc.

“PharmaComm has built an impressive team of creative individuals who have partnered with me and my team to ensure the success of our launch. Based on market research, the team quickly understood the market and strategically designed unique promotional pieces that also were very functional which resonated with customers and patients. What I specifically appreciate about our partnership is the responsiveness and attention to details. They have over delivered on many aspects. It is a pleasure to work with PharmaComm.”

Susan Wheeler, Product Director, Ortho Biotech

“Your team is always readily available whenever I have questions, concerns, etc. and are always on top of all the projects we are working on. Your team is very cognizant of our process and consistently adhere to our internal guidelines at JOI and our commitment to the J&J credo. Timelines are always incredibly tight but we get the materials printed and shipped on time.

PharmaComm fosters a team environment in which you work with us, rather than just for us.”

Rina Martini Marketing Materials, Johnson & Johnson

About PharmaComm

PharmaComm is a full-service healthcare communications agency.

Our business is in creating long-term relationships between our clients and their customers; our passion is in finding communication solutions tailored to build the success of your brand from the ground up. We have the team, the experience and the partnerships to deliver successful campaigns across multiple platforms: medical communications, patient-consumer engagement, digital, new media, market research, traditional.

Sound good? We like to think so. But what makes us unique?

PharmaComm is a member of the HealthSTAR Network, bringing worldwide knowledge to your brand.



PharmaComm was founded on the principle that brands and brand managers deserve more: more thinking, more service, more care, but most importantly, more success.

This thinking underlies everything we do; it’s the way we’re built as people, it’s in our DNA.

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